5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Regular Facials

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WHEN WAS THE LAST time you and your friends pampered yourselves with facials? If you can’t remember, then now is probably a great time to pay your trusted Arlington esthetician a visit. Nothing beats the professional pampering you can receive from a skincare expert, but why a facial? Here are our top 5 reasons for getting a facial.

5. Give Your Skin That Luxurious Deep-Clean Feeling

Even the best face wash can’t measure up to the deep cleaning you can get at the spa. It’s a lot like how we need a dental visit a couple times a year to get our teeth professionally cleaned. Getting a facial is the best way to get rid of any deep-seated dirt that you wouldn’t be able to reach with your washes and cleaners at home.

4. Facials Help to Remove Acne, Including Blackheads and Whiteheads

Acne facials can be very helpful for problematic skin. If you’re the type to attempt to squeeze pimples or extract blackheads and whiteheads at home, you could end up with a lot of marks on your skin. Facials are a great way to lighten acne scars and treat skin problems before agitating them leaves new marks.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

The rough, outer layer skin is often composed of dead skin cells. When we get facials, we slough those dead skin cells off, keeping it smooth instead of rough and dry. Exfoliating facials by experts are much more effective than using scrubs at home, which might actually damage your skin if done improperly, assuming it’s a good product to begin with.

2. Rejuvenate Your Skin

Age affects us in many ways, but the most visible is how it changes our skin. Our skin loses luster and elasticity as we get older. When we add the damage of unhealthy lifestyles and environmental factors to the natural aging process, the result is often discolored, wrinkled, and sagging skin.

In an anti-aging facial, your esthetician rejuvenates your face using proven technology, products, and methods. A facial can encourage collagen development to help your skin become fresher and more youthful-looking.

1. Facials Reduce Stress

Aside from all the esthetic benefits, facials are also incredibly relaxing! They can reduce anxiety levels and boost your mood, and this is because there are pressure points in your face that connect to different systems in your body. When these points are massaged, those systems respond as well.

Enjoy Luxury Skin Care

As luxurious as they are, facials are an essential part of your skin-care routine, particularly as we live in a world of stressors and toxins that can damage our skin. There are more benefits to facials than those we’ve discussed, and we offer a wide range of them at Azure Dream Day Spa in Arlington, VA so that you can get exactly what your skin needs. Get a consultation with us so that we can determine the best facial for your skin.

For the best facials in Arlington, you can trust Azure Dream Day Spa. You can learn more about us on our business page, and make sure to get directions before you head our way.

We look forward to pampering you!

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