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I do not think it is possible to explain how amazing Azure Dream Day Spa is! I found out about Azure Dream through Groupon in August of 2011. Since then, I have visited them numerous times, and have never had an experience short of being exceptional. I started with French Bikini Laser Hair Removal, and soon moved to Brazilian Bikini and underarm Laser hair removal. I was in love with the process and the results, since my skin was extremely sensitive from waxing. The process was virtually painless, and my skin was extremely smooth after each session. With every session, I had less and less hair growing back.Leila, the amazing and incredibly sweet owner of the Spa, was the person taking care of my Laser sessions. She is truly an expert, knowledgeable and skilled in what she does.

A few months ago, I was bit by a dog, which left a horrible scar in the middle of my nose. I visited a couple of dermatologists, and was not happy about their recommendations. I was told that I would need several sessions of Fraxel, that my skin may darken, and that the results could vary greatly, since the scar was in the middle of the face. I called Leila, and asked her about microdermabrasion, since I knew it was helpful for superficial scars. Although she told me about the new Sublative treatment, I took an appointment first thing the next morning for a Magic Fix Session with Farah. I had never had any form of facial treatment, and I am glad that it was with Farah. She explained to me the whole process, and was gentle and incredibly attentive during the whole session. I felt extremely relaxed after my Magic Fix session, and my skin was left feeling clean and fresh! Farah also gave me an extra massage that was out of this world!

A few days later, I was back for my first Sublative session. Although I was warned that there may be some pain, it was very short lived, and totally worth it. My horrible scar was barely visible with makeup on after this session. I had Leila for my second session, and, as usual, she did some extra problem areas that were a bonus. Have I mentioned how incredible Leila is? She makes you feel welcome, and like you are part of the family every time you visit her Spa. Needless to say, my scar is barely visible without makeup on, and I still have one last session. Three sessions of Sublative were as expensive as one session of Fraxel at the dermatologist’s office, with no skin darkening, and amazing results.

I cannot express my gratitude for the whole Azure Dream Day Spa staff, and recommend them to every person I can. I have only had amazing experiences every single time that I have been there. Leila, and her whole hand picked staff, are the best people to trust your body to.

--- Jasmin Zamorano*

Azure Dream Day Spa really is fantastic. Leila is the only person I will allow to touch my face! I have been a client of Leila’s for a long time and really love the great results I always get from her. Recently, I decided to go for it and bought the sublative rejuvenation treatment package. I have fair skin, and have sun damage, and a number of old small acne scars. For this treatment, the laser was hot – and felt like small rubber bands were snapping on my face. It stung quite a bit, but it was tolerable. Leila was great throughout the treatment and explained what she was doing and why she was focusing on some areas on my face versus others. After the last zap, I looked in the mirror and my face was definitely red, but no more red than after a microdermabrasion treatment. After my face cooled down, Leila gave applied a cool lotion that soothed my face. Normal activities for that day….. I woke up the next morning and while my face was a little splotchy, I could already tell how great the results were going to be! I covered any redness with make-up and it was business as usual for the day. I love the spa, the gals at the front desk (who always call me to remind me of my appointments) and of course, Leila. The spa is cute, comfortable and there is always a professional vibe there. Love you gals!

--- Diane Schmidt*

I want express my appreciation for your professional and enjoyable services. My favorite service of yours is your massages. Over the last 4 years, I have averaged a massage every 2 weeks. I keep a list of excellent massage therapists for places I live and travel to across the United States. I have Melissa McCutcheon at the top of my list for Northern Virginia massage therapist.

Thank you for your quality and consistency.

--- Mark*

I am so pleased to endorse Azure’s entire staff. The owner, Leila, is an absolutely amazing esthetician and a wonderful person. In addition to her years of experience in skin care and hair removal, she has kept up on her formal training, and is proficient at a wide range of services and procedures. I have been a happy client of hers for years. She is simply the best. And she has assembled a terrific staff, who provide excellent services across the board in skin care, hair removal, cosmetic treatments and massage.

My daughter and I have both had great experiences skin care services provided by the other wonderful estheticians at Azure, including Farah, Allyson, Rezvon. Their facials are great, and they make even the laser treatments fun! And, most importantly, they get results! The Azure staff is absolutely the best I have found for massages. I have frequently gone to Melissa and Desiree for massage therapy. While they have slightly different styles, they are both absolutely wonderful. If I have an ache or pain, or just need some relaxation, I know just where to come! You couldn’t find a better spa or a friendlier, more expert staff.

--- Diana Flynn*

*These were personal testimonies, your own results may vary.