Waxing and Threading


A semi-permanent method of hair removal, waxing removes the hair from the root. The service is available for men and women. We offer organic soy wax, hard wax, and honey wax. There is an upcharge when using hard wax. For our clients’ safety and comfort, we always use new spatulas, and fresh wax (we never “double-dip”).


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, originating in the Indian and Persian cultures. The technician uses a thin thread, which is rolled over skin, plucking hair from the follicle. Threading is gentle on sensitive skin, and is a fine alternative to waxing.

Waxing and Threading Pricing

Chin or lip or under chin

Side Burns



Brows 25-30
Full face 55-65
Underarm 30
Lower arm 35-45
Full arm 50-60
Lower leg 40-50
Upper leg 55-65
Full leg 75-90
Bikini 35-45
Brazilian Rio Style 65-85

Additional Waxing Options for Men

Full arm 60-70
Full leg 85-95
Full leg and bikini 95-110
“Guy-zilian” 95-110
Back and shoulder 65-85
Chest and shoulder 55-75

For larger than average skin areas, prices may increase slightly.