Classic Massage Experience

Classic Massage Experience

We offer a variety of massages, which focus on relaxation and/or pain relief. Our massages come at two different price points – choose from our Classic Massage Experience or the upgraded Premium Massage Experience. For savings and convenience, consider one of our packages.


The most well known of all types of body work, Swedish massage is ideal for anyone who is new to massages, and is unsure what treatment to select. Based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, this form of massage uses long, smooth, and flowing strokes, in the direction of blood returning to the heart. It is designed to relax the entire body, increase circulation, and promote health.

Foot Reflexology

An ancient Chinese healing art, this treatment acts to detoxify the body, release tension, and increase circulation and energy. Practitioners explain that the foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings, called reflexes, that correspond to every organ and system within the body. Foot reflexology is an applied-pressure therapy that stimulates reflex points and produces therapeutic benefits.

Swedish and Foot Reflexology Massage Pricing

Single Session
Minutes Price Package Price
30 65 Package of 6 (savings of 30) 360
45 80 Package of 6 (savings of 48) 432
60 95 Package of 6 (savings of 60) 510
75 120 Package of 6 (savings of 90) 630
90 145 Package of 6 (savings of 120) 750