Vaginal Rejuvenation

RejuVAnate is a safe, minimally invasive corrective procedure using a CO2 laser treatment to increase vaginal tightness and to alleviate symptoms such as painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, recurring infections, and involuntary bladder leakage. The Rejuvanate Co2 laser stimulates collagen and cell production. While one treatment can produce a good outcome, 3 treatments over 3 months are recommended for optimal results.

The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment 

1. Improved sexual satisfaction: Vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as vaginal tightening or labiaplasty, can improve sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity, reducing discomfort, and improving the appearance of the vaginal area.

2. Increased self-confidence: Many women are self-conscious about the appearance or function of their vagina, which can lead to decreased self-esteem and confidence. Vaginal rejuvenation can help women feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies.

3. Reduced urinary incontinence: Some vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as vaginal laser therapy or radiofrequency treatments, can help reduce urinary incontinence by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor.

4. Improved vaginal health: Vaginal rejuvenation treatments can help improve vaginal health by reducing dryness, irritation, and discomfort.

5. Non-surgical approach: Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are typically non-surgical, which means they are generally less invasive and require less downtime than surgical options.


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              Package of 3 treatments: $3000