Premium: Pamper Yourself

Premium Facials: Pamper Yourself

Lift & Firm Facial

For those who desire a youthful appearance but eschew invasive treatments, this facial is perfect. The Lift & Firm Facial features the organic Blueberry Detox Firming Peel from the renowned Éminence product line. Loaded with delectable goodness from nature -- blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and pineapple -- the peel is ideally-suited for mature, thick, or sun-damaged skin. Designed to refine and clarify skin, to clear and minimize pores, and to remove dead skin allowing for easier penetration of nutrients and moisture, this facial also incorporates special massage techniques (delivered by the magical fingertips of your aesthetician) to counteract the effects of gravity and aging.

Micro-dermabrasion with Facial

So effective, it’s like an instant facelift! During micro-dermabrasion, super-fine crystals slough off the dead cells of the outermost layer of the epidermis, where blemishes, sun damage, and other imperfections lie. With this outermost layer removed, the skin cells go into “repair mode,” replacing the lost skin cells with new ones, creating fresher and younger-looking skin. Combining micro-dermabrasion with a facial offers a significant added benefit: with the outer layer of skin cells gone, the ingredients of the facial can penetrate skin more easily, delivering nutrients and moisture exactly where they’re needed. Judge the results for yourself; you’ll be astonished at the beauty of your skin.

Azure Dream Deluxe Facial

Spoil yourself (or someone special!) with our most complete skin care service: the Azure Dream Deluxe Facial. During your facial, you’ll be treated to a facial massage and extractions, tailored specifically to your needs. Depending on your skin, our aesthetician will select the Éminence Organic Peel that is suitable to your skins needs -- every Éminence peel is full of delicious goodness that will gently but effectively begin the exfoliation process, enabling the ingredients to penetrate deeper into skin to deliver their nourishing effects. The detoxifying, refining, and clarifying benefits of the peel will be augmented by a micro-dermabrasion treatment to remove old, dead skin cells. You’ll be amazed at how this potent and effective facial acts to reveal your freshest and most luminous skin.

Premium Facials Pricing
60-min 75-min
Lift and Firm with Blueberry Detox Peel  165  185
    Package of 6 (savings of 150)  840
Micro-dermabrasion with Facial  185  205
    Package of 6 (savings of 150)  960
Azure Dream Deluxe Facial -  235
     Package of 6 (savings of 180) 1230

Combine any one of our facials with an add-on:

Scalp massage 30

Organic hand exfoliation 20

Organic feet exfoliation 20

Organic eye treatment 35

Organic peel (blueberry, alpha hydroxy, or paprika) 45