Specialty Facial: Dream Skin

Aroma Touch (Aromatherapy) Facial

Relax and let yourself drift away as you are enveloped in the healing aromas of botanical essential oils. To begin your treatment, our skilled aestheticians will analyze your skin to determine the correct essential oils for your facial. In addition to cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, we will also pamper you with a scalp and face massage to reduce stress and improve the look and feel of your skin. The gentle and calming aroma of essential oils makes this one of our most relaxing facials.

Beyond Organic

The best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer! Created by award-winning Éminence Organic Skin Care, the new line of Biodynamic® products in our Beyond Organic Facial is made from only the purest, most nutrient-rich ingredients -- farmed sustainably, following the cycles of nature. Certified 95% organic and Biodynamic®, the vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredients in this facial offer gentle but intense nutrient delivery to skin.

Citrus Vitamin C Infusion

Unlock the power of super foods to feed your skin! A delicious botanical blend of organic citrus fruits and leafy greens, like kale and spinach, delivers an abundance of nourishing nutrients to rescue your skin. These bioflavonoid-rich ingredients create unmatched antioxidant protection. Vitamin E supports Vitamin C by offering additional antioxidant properties, as well as healing and repairing abilities that will result in an even skin tone, prevent damage from free radicals, boost your collagen production, and reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne. With the Citrus Vitamin C Infusion facial, you can realize nature’s true potential, and achieve firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin.

Crystal Clear

The key ingredient in our Crystal Clear Facial is alpha hydroxy acid, an active fruit acid complex that is derived from a variety of natural sources such as sugar cane and fruits. Widely used in the cosmetic industry, alpha hydroxy acid is an excellent treatment for stimulating cellular renewal of the skin, clearing up breakouts, and brightening the complexion. This skin treatment is great for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial for skin prone to acne.

Diamond Bright

A delightful potion of brightening bearberry, lightening licorice, and soothing stonecrop fades hyper-pigmentation, while infusing the skin with anti-oxidants for a flawless face. Enjoy the benefits of gigawhite and a natural hydroquinone alternative; both are plant-derived ingredients celebrated for their ability to lighten, brighten, and reduce the look of age spots.

Organic Back Facial with Massage

So nourishing and pampering, we call it a "facial" for your back. Using the finest Éminence products, we first relax you by applying steam or a warm towel. The treatment continues with cleansing and exfoliation. Then enjoy a relaxing massage, and finish with a masque. This luxurious treatment allows your beautiful bare shoulders to be their prettiest. While the back “facial” is great for summertime, when shoulders and backs are subjected to perspiration and sun (and need some TLC), don’t forget the holiday season, when the little black dress bares pretty shoulders for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve.

Prenatal Facial

A simple cleansing facial during pregnancy is completely safe. Additionally, it can help with the various skin changes that mothers-to-be may experience – things like dryness, puffiness, or breakouts. Skin can be sensitive during pregnancy, so we’ll use a gentle touch, along with the highest-quality products from our pregnancy-friendly Éminence line of organic skincare to address skin changes. Every mother-to-be deserves to look her best and to enjoy the sense of tranquility and pampering that our trained aestheticians can provide.

Soothing Field of Arnica

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you prone to redness? No worries! The Soothing Field of Arnica Facial is designed exactly for your skin type. Arnica, a botanical belonging to the sunflower family, has been used for medicinally for centuries. It is touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, and is often used to reduce swelling and bruising. Arnica is the ingredient that gives this facial its calming effect. Enjoy the serenity of our arnica facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, and masque.

Manual Lymph Drainage Facial

The Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Facial offers a specialized light massage technique that, when performed by a trained practitioner, assists the flow of lymph through lymph vessels. Combined with a facial, MLD is ideal for counteracting eye-area puffiness. MLD can also relieve congestion, blockage, and fluid buildup in connective tissue caused by chronic inflammation, hematoma, or surgical incisions. Incorporating MLD into pre- and post-cosmetic surgery routines can promote a faster recovery by transporting damaged cells, inflammatory agents, and toxins away from the area of surgery. Among its other beneficial effects, MLD can reduce signs of sun damage and can relieve the tight, itchy feeling that often accompanies eczema and dermatitis, promoting healthy skin.

It is highly recommended to do this treatment in a series for optimum results.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Package -> $550 (Saving of 95)

Includes (1) one hour MLD Facial followed by (5) 30 minute MLD Face Massages

- Regular Price 60minutes MLD Facial  145

- Regular Price 30minutes MLD Face massage  100

Dream Facial Pricing

Single Session
Minutes Price Package Price
30 100
45 125
60 145 Package of 6 (savings of 120) 750
75 165
Combine any one of our facials with an add-on:

Scalp massage 30

Organic hand exfoliation 20

Organic feet exfoliation 20

Organic eye treatment 35

Organic peel (blueberry, arctic berry, alpha hydroxy, or paprika) 45